The Scoop on Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Fruit.  It’s an important part of a balanced diet; for both your insides – AND your outsides!  Actually, fruit offers some major benefits to your skin when used topically.

fruit acids from orangesAlso known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or “AHA’s”, these naturally occurring acids from plants and fruits like lemons, oranges (Citric Acid), sugar maple, and sugar cane (Glycolic Acid) are truly amazing for the skin!  Natural glycolic acid for example is highly effective for supporting collagen production; which helps your skin stay strong and wrinkle free. Citric acids on the other hand are wonderful exfoliators and ideal for evening the skin’s pigment and reducing the appearance of age spots and acne.

Unfortunately, just because you see the term Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs on a product label doesn’t mean you’ll find naturally occurring fruit acids inside.  Many products use synthetically derived AHAs which can irritate sensitive skin and will often even cause problems for any skin type.

Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids from essential oils and extracts on the other hand can offer your skin amazing benefits like –

Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Renewing Skin Cells More Rapidly
Lightening Age Spots and Evening Skin Tone
Reducing Acne by Cleaning Pores and Exfoliating Skin
Increasing Collagen Production for Firmer, Younger Looking Skin

Enjoy fruit in your diet, and on your skin and you’ll see all these results and then some; naturally!  Be sure to look for these natural sources of AHAs though and avoid those made in the lab for the best, most effective Alpha Hydroxy Acids possible for all skin types.


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