Are There Poopy Ingredients in your Beauty Products?

Unless you use non-toxic and organic cosmetics, it is likely there are poopy ingredients in your beauty products. Even natural and organic cosmetics “may” contain harmful elements. The harsh reality is The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed cosmetics are one of the least regulated products sold for human use. Reading the ingredients in your cosmetics is essential to keep crap off your skin and out of your system.

Fragrances are confusing crap because they are simple referred to as “fragrance” on many labels. Many have chemical compounds from phthalates and other icky ingredients. Besides allergic reactions, some chemical fragrances are toxic and have a negative impact on your neurological system. We advise using fragrance-free cosmetics or ones that contain pure essential oils. Flush those fake fragrances right away and opt for non-toxic beauty items!

Another surprising fact is most cosmetics contain heavy metals with no percentage law in existence in the United States. This sound like crappy stuff to us! Metals to look for include mercury, cadmium, lead, cadmium and arsenic. According to WebMD, trace amounts are alright but ongoing exposure can be dangerous, poisonous and even toxic. Heavy metal exposure can lead conditions ranging from dermatitis to cancer. It certainly doesn’t sound like a way to become more beautiful to us – we would flush these, too!

While mineral makeup may not contain irritating elements such as preservatives, parabens and mineral oil, it could have nanoparticles. These minute particles can be irritating for some wearers, causing inflammation and cancers from ongoing inhalation. WebMD also advises to look for bismuth oxychloride in mineral makeup. While it does not irritate most women, it can cause a reaction in some including acne and irritation.

Because cosmetics are subject to little regulation, the situation is buyer beware. Read the labels and choose the most natural cosmetics and skin care choices on the market to avoid irritation and potential health problems.

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