Private Label Products: Are You Paying for Products Developed by Experts?

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Private label beauty products are the choice of many small and emerging companies as the popularity of face and body care products continues to grow. 

What that means for you… 

It may mean you are really purchasing a product from someone OTHER then the company you think! A private label company means that they didn’t make it, but they put their name on it. In some cases, the company you purchase from is just “scenting it,” meaning they may add essential oils, synthetic fragrance OR a combo of both and call it their own by slapping their label on it. It’s no different then adding chocolate chips to your pre-made cake batter! In some cases they are adding a few other things, but this is not something the consumer would know. They just use another companies products but their name, hence, the term “private label.” Private, meaning from you – the consumer, but obviously not to the brand/company selling it. This common place practice is nothing new. 

So why is this such a bad thing?

For one, whom ever actually makes the product owns the proprietary formulations – meaning they do NOT disclose how much of each ingredient is in it, to the company you purchased it from. That means you may not know the real company behind the brand. It is misleading to consumers. This private label madness is on the rise because it is much cheaper and easier to fill your own packaging and label it then to make something from scratch, but the mere fact even “they” never know what is in it, is disturbing! It is also a problem because it means you MAY be purchasing the same $10 product as another companies $75 one!  

So what should you look out for?

Well, this is the problem – it is not easy to identify. It is more common with smaller brands to private label because it is more cost effective for them starting out. The key is knowing that your products are coming from a REAL industry formulator and specialist with a background in cosmetic chemistry or one that works directly with a chemist. Many of the so-called “handmade” and “handcrafted” products today are private labeled. Sort of misleading if not made from scratch by measuring out each and every ingredient, right? While that may not be a TERRIBLE thing to some for a very basic product – when it comes to something you apply to your skin that directly enters the bloodstream, wouldn’t you want to know the background behind the REAL manufacturer? With this surge in private labeled items it makes more sense to see a reputable skincare specialist (that actually KNOWS the skin) and use a brand that has been formulated specifically for your skin care. 

There are too many companies popping up all over today that offer products, but do not employ people who have ever actually studied the skin, worked on people, had the experience of treating an allergic reaction, caring for dry, inflamed skin etc.  Trust the companies that are founded by experts for truly high-quality products. You’ll be safer, but only if you read the ingredients and can really trust your source.  







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