BS Free Memorial Day Beauty Tips – The Natural Way

Memorial Day weekend means summer is almost here and the living is easy.  Fuss-free beauty means going natural with no bull beauty tips that make you look and feel your best.

Warmer weather means it’s time to drink more water. Ideally, you should have six to eight medium-sized glasses of water each day. Perspiration and sun exposure can cause dehydration. Keep your body hydrated and your skin smooth by having plenty of water.  It’s really good crap for your beauty and well-being!

Moderate your sun exposure to avoid sunburn. Soak up a few minutes (avoid burning!!) each day to get Vitamin D naturally.  The National Institutes of Health report Vitamin D is good for your bones, nerves and immune system.  Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for all your vitamins. It’s tasty, low calorie and really good crap for your body!

Choose natural sunscreen for extended exposure to the sun.  The Environmental Working Group reports the best way to block sun is wearing a hat and shirt.  Also slip on a pair of sunglasses that block UV rays to avoid squinting and developing wrinkles around your eyes.  Use a natural facial mist to cool the surface of your skin.

After you go outdoors in the sun, use an organic or natural cleanser and moisturizer for smooth skin.  Crap free cosmetics for your skin after sun exposure includes beauty products with aloe vera and argan oil for deep moisturizing.  Use skin care with willowbark and licorice root to combat blemishes. Great doo doo for summer skin care!

Hair is your crowning glory. To avoid hair loss, never pull you hair back tightly when it is wet. Instead gather it into a lose ponytail or bun with a coated hair band.  Avoid rubber bands that cause hair breakage.  After sun exposure, coat your hair and scalp lightly with certified organic argan oil to keep it soft and healthy.  We like to have our hair off our faces but don’t want to lose it!

Always remember to protect areas such as your lips, ears and the tops of your feet.  Keep your feet and legs safe by wearing sandals or flip flops with solid soles and arches.  Tripping and falling is definitely dangerous doo doo and could keep you from summer fun!

A few simple beauty tips keep you looking naturally fabulous from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

Have a great, safe and BS-Free Holiday!


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