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Plant Based Diet for Mind, Body and Beauty – #GOVEGAN

It’s unfortunate, but there’s a continuous surge in the demand of meat and dairy worldwide. Not only are these common staples harmful to your skin but factory farming is the leading cause of climate change. If you want to improve your beauty routine while contributing to a healthier planet, listen up….lessening this dangerous duo in your diet can pave way for so many beauty benefits for your skin and health benefits, not too mention it’s good karma!  Why not save…
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Natural Menopause Remedies

Sunblock or Vitamin D Hot flashes, hair loss, night sweats, irritability, depression and insomnia.  Yuck!  If you know these symptoms well, you’re probably a menopausal woman.  Kinda stinks, right?  Fear not – there are a number of natural menopause remedies that make this normal and inevitable process much easier while avoiding the toxic crap found in so many menopause treatments. Omega Fatty Acids These essential fatty acids (EFAs) are crucial for many of our body’s’ processes throughout life. This EFA family includes omega 3,…
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4 Stress Reduction Tips: Tone Down the Stress and Get Your Beauty Rest!

Stress kills, that’s for real. Recent studies have shown that high levels of prolonged stress can significantly reduce your lifespan. The stress response in your body, whether it’s from emotional, physical or mental stressors can cause a variety of complications not only to your health, but also your beauty. Conditions that cause stress can include a hectic schedule, perceived threats, and lack of sleep among other things. What’s Happening to My Body? When you experience stress even for a short…
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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Your Invitation to Miraculous Relationships

Meditation is a practice that helps the body discover it’s own inner intelligence. Join our team while we participate in the 21 day Meditation with people around the world.  This is a powerful opportunity to create balance in your life and free yourself of worry and stress while learning techniques to feel whole and create successful relationships. For thousands of years, meditation has been used to find silence that exists to make the pure potential that is already there a…
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