DIY Foot Soak Recipe | An All Natural Treat for Fabulous Feet!

feet soaking in no bull diy all natural foot soak recipe


To give your tired dogs a nice treat, you’ll definitely want to try our DIY Foot Soak Recipe.  Chocked full of natural beauty ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, this foot soak is no bull and will give your feet a renewed sense of vigor and help keep them looking fantastic too!

First, get a tub or pan that your feet can fit in comfortably along with at least a few inches of water all around each foot.

Now, fill the pan with warm water.

To the warm water add:

1/2 C organic oats

10 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops tea tree oil

4 T organic lemon juice

Also, if you have them on hand, chamomile, lavender, and rose flowers make a lovely and beneficial addition too.

Once you’ve got your brew mixed up, put your feet in and soak for at least 5 – 10 minutes – Longer if you have the time or really want to reap all te rewards of this beneficial foot soak.

After a soak like this it’s also a great time to exfoliate your feet.  This will help remove corns and smooth your whole foot bed.  All you’ve got to do is  go get your pumice stone, loofah, or brush and give your feet a good scrub down immediately after gently toweling your feet dry. 

For best results, enjoy this no bull DIY foot soak at least once a week, twice if possible, and even daily if you’re on your feet or are prone to foot issues.  This all natural recipe will also support your senses with aromatherapeutic benefits including relaxation and rejuvenation.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get those feet soaking NOW and you’re entire body will be better for it – No Bull!!

For more tips on caring for your feet, enjoy these No Bull Tips for Beautiful Feet.



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