DIY Winter Skincare Tips

winterRemember when you were a kid and played outdoors or made snowmen for countless hours? Our faces were red, our skin was scaly, and our toes burnt, but we had great fun!  You may not be playing outdoors for hours now, but you still expose your skin to the cold and wind.  Even indoors, your skin is bombarded by dry air, overheated rooms and pollution.  Today, we’re going to talk about what you can do to help your skin combat the winter blues.  These DIY winter skincare tips will help you look your best even as Old Man Winter moves on in.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Can we stress the importance of this vital beauty step enough?  It’s always critical to keep your skin hydrated.  You know how thirsty dry and sensitive skin can be, especially in the winter.  But, did you know that oily skin needs moisturizing just as much?  Whether your skin is dry, combination or oily, you need to keep your skin well moisturized, especially in the harsh winter months.

However, remember to do things right with an all-natural moisturizer rather than a drugstore moisturizer packed full of artificial chemicals that end up doing more harm than good.  To moisturize the right way, try this DIY recipe for dry skin.  Don’t forget your hands either.  This DIY hand treatment will keep your mitts hydrated.  No time for DIY?  You can also find commercially available moisturizers that are all-natural.  Just make sure to buy from a reputable merchant.


We love the feel of freshly exfoliated skin, don’t you?  The problem with some exfoliating products is that they are overly harsh, and strip the acid mantle along with dead skin.  For milder, and cost effective exfoliating, try mixing flax, almond or grape oil with a bag of your favorite tea.  Try lavender (sooo relaxing), bergamot (bee balm) or jasmine for a wonderful fragrance that will work with the oil (organic is best) to exfoliate gently.   

Shower Smart

A hot shower on cold days feels great, right?  The problem is that the good feeling comes at a cost.  Hot water dehydrates your skin, and frequent hot showers can break down the lipids in your skin and leave it cracked with that dry itchy feeling that signals dehydration at its worst.  If you’re using harsh chemicals to clean or sanitize, dryness accelerates further.  A good rule of thumb for setting the temp control on your shower is that if your skin is pink when you get out, the temperature is too hot.  For those of us with darker skin, any itchy dry feeling after your shower signals that you need to turn the temperature down.    

Bundle Up

Turns out that mom was right.  You need to bundle up when you go outdoors, even if it’s just to do downstairs to catch the bus.   Keep the cold and the wind at bay by layering.   You’ll be protected against the cold and wind, and you can cool down by removing layers.  Don’t forget to protect your face and ears – styling a face mask (some cute ones too) may be the new in for great skin.

Take care this winter and your skin will thank you!  You’ll have supple, younger-looking skin that looks and feels great. Stay tuned for more DIY beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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