Firming Face Creams, A Bunch of Bull?

Getting older often means inevitable tiny wrinkles and some areas of sagging skin. From just general aging,  to excessive sun exposure and even facial expressions, there are many reasons why these wrinkles appear.  Firming face creams seem like a good solution, but are they all just a bunch of bull?


Some anti-aging creams make claims they simply cannot fulfill.  Expecting to get the skin of your early teen years is impractical, c’mon now.  Your goal should be to attain a smoother, more glowing complexion while preventing aging from occurring too quickly.  The good news though is that advances in ingredients are available to assist with firming and tightening the skin. But how can a product do this?  Well for one, ensure your products are of the highest quality and most cutting-edge ingredients like botanicals, essential oils and antioxidants, even peptides. Today there is no reason to slather chemical filled gunk on your face that has no benefit to you.

Be weary of claims some manufacturers make and the price of the product.   Sure we ALL want to get the best deal out there but the reality of it is that the REALLY good ingredients do actually cost more……Sooooo if you think that $20 health food store face cream contains the same amount of antioxidants or firming ingredients, think again! Often you are getting what you pay for when it comes to the best effective anti-aging skincare.

Also avoid commonly used ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum and paraffin are cosmetic and skin care ingredients derived from crude oil. They clog pores and your skin can’t breathe properly. Can you breathe when you smell gasoline? Ugh. Avoid these skincare ingredients and choose good ones that allow the skin to breathe, as it is the largest organ of the body, and needs to breathe!  Even better select products with potent antioxidant rich oils like rosehip seed, argan oil, olive squalane and evening primrose to help combat aging free radicals that accelerate aging.

According to Care2, synthetic fragrances may contain phthalates. These are synthetic chemicals that mimic hormones and can cause serious imbalances, including reproductive. Choose only naturally fragranced creams and serums that utilize essential oils. Many other ingredients like chemical preservatives also disrupt your hormones and don’t belong in your anti-aging products.

The good news is there are firming creams that make you look more youthful and attractive while preventing worse damage. More good examples include coenzyme Q10, acai berry, aloe, argan oil, grapeseed oil, green tea, sunflower seed oil,  and olive squalane. These elements give you the healthy skin you want without all the nasty side effects.


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