Four DIY Natural Beauty Tips for Men

lemonEOWhile most of the beauty industry caters to women, it’s just as important for guys to take care of their appearance.  Guys look and feel their best when they take care of their skin and physical appearance, and the ladies will notice too.  Guys often don’t know where to start when it comes to personal upkeep, much less doing it au naturale.  Here are some basic DIY natural beauty tips to improve your skin the crap-free, no bull way.


Using a gentle cleanser removes problematic oil, dirt and bacteria from skin, preventing breakouts and slick skin.  If you want super simple, simply use witch hazel and rinse. This will also reduce inflammation from shaving.  Alternatively this soothing citrus cleanser will also improve skin tone and texture while preventing breakouts.


Your skin needs a healthy source of moisture, even if you’re prone to oily skin.  Moisturizer keeps skin supple and allows it to fend off bacteria, fungus and environmental contaminants.  Try smoothing a small amount of pure oils such as grapeseed or sunflower seed oil right after shaving for a simple light moisturizer.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and dirt that clog pores, which is especially important if you are prone to breakouts.  Just don’t overdo exfoliation, as getting overzealous can be damaging.

For a natural, gentle DIY exfoliation, mix cane sugar with enough grapeseed oil to make a paste, and gently massage the mixture into your skin. Do be sure to use organic sugar and oil, as pesticides, preservatives and other toxic crap can be hazardous to your health and funk up your skin.   Alternatively try a liquid exfoliator such as this tonic to gently remove skin cells to refine and brighten the skin!

Toss the Acne Cream

Did you know that most acne products do more harm than good?  Products designed to dry out our skin actually kick oil production into overdrive, perpetuating a vicious cycle of more acne.

Citrus juices are excellent natural acne treatments. They contain natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids to minimize breakouts. Grapefruit juice exfoliates, clarifies skin, and discourages bacterial growth, and can even fade dark spots and scars resulting from past breakouts. You can opt for the juice alone or try this super all natural treatment for stubborn blemishes and ingrown hairs. 

These DIY natural beauty tips can help you cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate your skin without all the funk found in many products on the market.  Trust us when we tell you that taking care of your skin will pay off down the road. 

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