Freaky Franken Fish | Is GMO Salmon a Panacea or BS?

At this point you’ve likely heard about genetically modified foods.  Up until a few years ago, GMOs, were seen only in fruits and vegetables; most commonly foods like corn and soy.  Now though, the FDA is considering GMO Salmonapproving genetically engendered (modified) fish.

We think this is some serious BS – and here’s why.

Firstly, GMO plants are already a large enough issue fraught with consequences that are only now being fully realized.  Why move on to animals?

The companies that make GMO foods always like to spin it that these new modified plants are some panacea and that they’ll “help stop hunger” and “help farmers grow more successful crops”.  The lines they’re spewing are no different with these GM fish.  AquaBounty Technologies is telling folks essentially that genetically modified salmon is amazing and totally justified because these altered fish will grow bigger and faster than natural fish, and, as a result, will help meet the world’s ever increasing demand for fish, and food in general.

But, even if these foods grow bigger, faster, etc. it doesn’t mean the quality of the food is still there.  This franken fish is the combination of the DNA of the Chinook Salmon, the Atlantic Salmon, and another fish called a Pout.  Basically parts of each of these animal’s DNA have been combined in order to grow a big fish fast, yet, they’re trying to say it won’t be different nutritionally than other salmon.

The nutritional information on this fish will have to be different as a result all of this dicing and splicing since it’s not really a salmon after all; not as they’re known in nature anyway.  In fact, it’s already been found that several different chemicals and hormones present in traditional salmon are being seen at different levels in the GM salmon.  For example the omega fatty acids in the GM salmon are at least 12% less than that in natural salmon.  Plus, in addition to nutritional differences, there are also new allergens that could pose a threat as well given this essentially new animal.

These are just small concerns though given the potential environmental impact the genetically modified salmon could have.  While these GM salmon would be “farmed” or raised in an enclosed area, some could easily get out when the water is changed,  when enclosures become loose or damaged, in a natural disaster situation, or in a myriad of other ways.  It’s happened at other types of fish farms, why wouldn’t it happen with genetically modified salmon?

The fish’s eggs are also an issue.  In FDA testing the eggs, although supposed to be sterile, were “fertile up to 5% of the time”!  We all know it just takes one.  Just One!  Then this franken fish DNA is released into the natural salmon population and – well – and what?  No one really knows.

Worse, since Atlantic Salmon DNA is included as part of this genetic concoction, these franken salmon, if released accidentally, could intrude on the endangered Atlantic Salmon’s habitat, compete for mates, etc.  This could have devastating effects on this natural salmon species and may even end up wiping it out completely.

Not only that, let’s say a franken fish gets out of the “farm”, into the stream, and is eaten by a bear, or other wild animal.  Of course they say the GMO salmon is “safe” to eat, but, is it?  And could it have different effects on different animals?

The reality of it all is there are just too many questions to make any of this even reasonably safe for anyone.  And, in fact, it’s highly likely these franken salmon, like other GMO foods, will actually have profound negative effects for those who eat them and the entire planet.

When you think about it that way it’s easy to see that the fact that anyone could promote this type of creation as “food” let alone get FDA approval for it is total BS!

If you feel the same way and want to avoid GMOs including franken fish there are a few things you can do; know your store, read your labels, and talk to your fish providers.  Then, boycott GMOs!  Only support companies you know don’t use GMO ingredients and who also support mandatory labeling of all GMO products.  In addition, be sure to get involved with your state’s Right to Know GMO Legislation campaigns if you have one, and speak out regarding the need for federal regulation and enforcement of mandatory labeling of all GMOs.

Countries around the world are banning GMOs, yet the US continues to produce over 60 % of GMO crops and foods and is now trying to patent this “fish”.  There’s something wrong here and it’s up to us to put a stop to it before it spirals completely out of control and has irreparable consequences!  Avoid GMOs!


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