Is it Time to Toss Your Makeup? The Lowdown on Bacteria and Poop in Cosmetics

Is your favorite cosmetic item ready to do more harm than good? Knowing when to toss your makeup prevents skin irritation and other crap from occurring. Sometimes it is hard to let go of a product that may no longer be available. Look at it as a golden opportunity to try something new that might be even better.

If cosmetics have a bad odor, odd color or change consistency, it’s time to toss them. But sometimes this doesn’t happen and your beauty products have still gone bad. How do you separate the crap from the good stuff? 

Powder-based cosmetic don’t contain water so they can last for up to two years if their color and consistency are on-target. Moisturizers and cleansers have fatty acids that get rancid. Toss them after about six months as they develop poopy bacteria.

Pencils can last for several years if you keep sharpening them. Avoid wetting the tip with water or saliva, which breeds bacteria, to ensure a longer shelf-life for your pencil cosmetics. Mascara breeds bacteria quickly and should be tossed after three months to avoid getting pink eye and other icky eye infections. 

To keep your foundation around for up to a year, use a sponge for application and keep fingers out of the bottle. Fitness Magazine also suggests storing your cosmetics and skin care items in a cool, dry place outside the bathroom. The heat and moisture in the bathroom can also become a breeding ground for bogus bacteria in cosmetics. 

Avoid cosmetics with toxic preservatives that can cause skin irritation and health problems. Use natural cosmetics and organic skin care for non-toxic beauty. Toss the products and replace them as needed to look your beautiful best all the time.

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