Little Things Mean a Lot When It Comes to Acne and Rosacea

From holistic practitioners to dermatologists, professionals are discovering small steps mean a lot when it comes to caring for skin with acne or rosacea. 

In the past, people turned to internal medications and topical medicines. Often they would dry out the skin and have other minor side effects. This seemed like confusing caca since you are, in essence, exchanging one problem for another. As a result, we would flush them and move on to more non toxic beauty solutions. 

Natural skin care products are the core for effective treatment of these skin conditions. When used regularly, cosmeceuticals are proving to improve the skin of people with acne and rosacea. As part of a daily treatment regimen, they are the safest way to get clearer and more beautiful skin. This sounds like good crap to us! 

If the skin is stripped of lipids from harsh treatment, it loses part of its protective outer layer. When skin is compromised, it can make acne and rosacea worse. For this reason, professionals are now recommending gentle cleaning and moisturizing for all patients with acne and rosacea. 

Also flush products that are alkaline or alcohol-based that can make your skin more irritated. Gently cleanse skin with no scrubbing. Use a light moisturizer to give skin an essential protective barrier. Natural and organic skin care with ingredient such as red tea, panthenol, licorice root and willowbark are the best solutions and often best when formulated naturally less all the crap!

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