Moroccan Argan Nut Oil – Not Always Super Duper, but when it is….it’s Super Good!

It sounds exotic and everyone is talking about it, from salon experts to soccer moms. Is Moroccan argan oil really a miracle treatment for hair, skin and body? Or is the hype just another fad people can’t wait to brag about?

What is Moroccan Argan Oil, Anyway?

As the name implies, argan oil comes from Morocco. It is one of the rarest essential oils in the world. The nuts of the argan tree are crushed to extract their precious oil. Argan oil is chock full of impressive ingredients including fatty acids, carotenes, vitaman E, phenols, squalene and phenolic acid. In its pure form, it is also edible, which we this is pretty impressive.

Argan oil has been used as a beauty treatment in Morocco for generations. A few years ago, the western world discovered it and it’s been a buzz word ever since. This natural oil is thinner and lighter than other veggetable oils so it absorbs quickly and gets the job done without that icky, greasy feeling. This is good shit!

Is All Moroccan Argan Oil Created Equal?

When we first heard about Moroccan argan oil, we admit it sounded intriguing. We ran to the nearest drug store, hunted for the product and purchased it for a few bucks. Unfortunately, most of these formulas include toxic preservatives, yucky synthetic fragrances and even dimethicone and cheaper oils to stretch the argan oil and lower the cost.

One of us went to the salon and the beautician used pure argan oil. The results were miraculous. Frizzy, color treated hair looked smooth and silky. The beautician stressed the importance of using pure argan oil. The pretenders can actually further dry out your hair and skin. What total crap!

The Benefits of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

Now we knew the natural stuff really makes a difference because we saw it for ourselves. Organic argan oil is more expensive and worth every cent. Isn’t the real stuff generally better and what you are paying for vs. all the marketing? Here’s what it does for us and what it can do for you:

– A few drops applied to your hair makes it manageable, smooth, lustrous and prevents split ends and breakage. Argan oil is good for all hair types including color treated, coarse, dry, frizzy and African-American hair. It even guards against sun and chlorine damage. This adds to our summer fun!

– Argan oil is good for your skin, too. It helps correct the age deficiencies that make your skin lose elasticity and get dehydrated, including the sensitive area around your eyes. It also protects your skin and neutralizes free radicals. We think that’s pretty radical!

– Think argan oil is just for dry or aging skin? Think again. This amazing stuff also regulates oiliness for acne sufferers, reduces inflammation and irritation and soothes sensitive skin, rosacea, blemishes and scarring.

– Go beyond you face and infuse your skin with moisture after the shower. Argan oil makes your entire body smooth and can even offer relief from conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. It smells yummy, too, so you’re delicious and healed from head to toe!

The Bottom Line:

The key to success with Moroccan argan oil is avoiding the cheap wanna-be’s and opting for a pure product!

No Bull!


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