Nothin’ Witchy ‘Bout Witch Hazel | 10 Uses for this Wonderful Natural Beauty Remedy

Wonderful ‘ol Witch Hazel.  Most popularly known as a hemorrhoid treatment (Yikes!), witch hazel has actually been used for many years as a natural skin care remedy; among other things.  In fact, many Native American tribes used the plant to cure a variety of ailments that included swelling and inflammation. 

Native to North America, the bark and leaves of the witch hazel plant (shown below) can be used to make remedies for a variety of skin issues including….

witch hazel plant with wooden signscars

Apply witch hazel on scars to tighten the skin and minimize the appearance of the scar.

stretch marks

Use witch hazel regularly on your pregnant belly to help reduce the possibility of stretch marks.  If this is too late for you – see above – witch hazel can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as it can other scars.


Witch hazel is widely used to reduce acne.  It shrinks pores to help protect the skin against bacteria, helps treat inflammation should a pimple occur so it doesn’t last as long, and reduces the potential for acne scars (again, see above!)


Sooth the pain of sunburn with – witch hazel!  It will help take the sting away, while also cooling your skin and helping it heal more quickly.  You can also add some organic aloe vera juice for even more natural healing power.

varicose veins

Witch hazel can temporarily tighten your veins to help reduce any discomfort you may be feeling as a result of your varicose veins.


Smooth witch hazel through damp hair before washing to help eliminate dandruff flakes. 

bug bites

Take the itch and sting out of bug bites of all kinds naturally with a bit of witch hazel.  Plus, since it’s healing (see below) the bite will be gone much more quickly.

wound care

Using witch hazel on any cut, scrape, or bit is a great way to clean it out when it occurs.  And, when used regularly there after, witch hazel will help the wound heal more quickly and keep any bacterial nasties out that may try to get in.


For some people using witch hazel can be a great way to stop the itch that often comes with a flare up of eczema, sooth those raw, over scratched areas, and help heal any dry patches that may occur as well.

natural aftershave

Witch hazel makes an amazing natural aftershave and has been shown to help reduce and even eliminate razor burn for some men and women.

The one thing to remember about witch hazel is to be sure to get a PURE formulation.  Many products put a variety of additives in their witch hazel preparations and that’s just not what you want.  Witch hazel is alcohol based, but you may also find funky fillers like Butylene Glycol, Methylparaben, “Fragrances” (goodness knows what chemicals these actually are!), Sodium Benzoate, and others.  So, be sure to read the ingredients closely. Choose an organic variety when possible and avoid common store-bought ones in which the alcohol content is often higher.

You can also find witch hazel tincture/extract, as well as homeopathic remedies containing witch hazel.  These are still used topically but can include other ingredients to create an even stronger healing remedy.  If you choose to make your own pure witch hazel natural skin care treatments with these types of products, be sure to consult a reliable source for guidance.

Now that you know more about this natural beauty remedy, you can be certain there nothin’ witchy about the witch hazel you’re using and you can enjoy this highly beneficial, BS free skin treatment with a clear conscience!





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