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Daggone Aging Skin!! Where to Friggin’ Begin?

Daggone Aging…  what to know about aging skin  Just like all of the body organs,  your skin is no exception when it comes to aging. The aging process can be fast-tracked if you expose your skin to many harsh chemicals and environments.  When we are younger,  it may be less important because the skin regenerates every two weeks. The problem is, as the skin ages, the speed of regeneration diminishes. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of how the skin ages in…
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Firming Face Creams, A Bunch of Bull?

Do Firming Face Creams Work Getting older often means inevitable tiny wrinkles and some areas of sagging skin. From just general aging,  to excessive sun exposure and even facial expressions, there are many reasons why these wrinkles appear.  Firming face creams seem like a good solution, but are they all just a bunch of bull?   Some anti-aging creams make claims they simply cannot fulfill.  Expecting to get the skin of your early teen years is impractical, c’mon now.  Your goal should be to attain…
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To Tea or Not To Tea? The Topical Benefits of powerful

There has been plenty of talk about green tea but what about red tea? Are these teas really a health and beauty aid or a load of crap? Also known as Rooibos tea, both red and green teas have properties to boost your well-being and appearance. It seems green tea and red tea are as good in skin care as they are in a mug. Red tea leaves are oxidized or fermented to enhance the flavor. Green tea requires a…
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