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Three DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipes

Just what’s behind those pearly whites of yours?  It turns out that most commercially available toothpastes are hiding a host of nasty ingredients.  To polish your teeth the crap-free way, try out these DIY natural toothpaste recipes. What’s Wrong with My Current Toothpaste? Your current toothpaste might smell fresh, but chances are that some not-so-fresh ingredients are lurking.  Many toothpastes include parabens, paraffin, sulfates, artificial dyes and triclosan.  These nasty chemicals have many health risks including endocrine disorders, hormonal dysfunction,…
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Four DIY Natural Beauty Tips for Men

Lemon Essential Oil While most of the beauty industry caters to women, it’s just as important for guys to take care of their appearance.  Guys look and feel their best when they take care of their skin and physical appearance, and the ladies will notice too.  Guys often don’t know where to start when it comes to personal upkeep, much less doing it au naturale.  Here are some basic DIY natural beauty tips to improve your skin the crap-free, no bull way. Cleanse…
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Turn Back Time with Turmeric: Skin Benefits of This Potent Spice

turmeric There’s been a lot of buzz about turmeric lately, and we sure know why!  It is valued for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects both used topically and as a dietary supplement.  Further, it’s great for cleansing and clarifying skin.  This means that turmeric is great for many pesky common skin ailments including premature aging, acne, scars and stretch marks, and pigmentation. Turmeric has been prized by Eastern cultures for centuries for its many benefits.  Aging Skin Turmeric is a…
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How Now Brown Cacao: Feed Your Inner Chocoholic!

Cacao For Radiant Skin Health If you’re like most people, you love good chocolate, but you have a guilty twinge when you indulge.  Good news!  Chocolate doesn’t have to be a vice!  In fact, raw cacao has abundant benefits when you use it topically or incorporate it into your diet. In this way, chocolate can in fact make you more beautiful inside and out. Antioxidants Pack a Powerful Punch Raw cacao, or unprocessed chocolate is packed with antioxidants.  These powerful compounds quench free radicals, which…
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When Life Gives You Lemons, Lucky You!

organic lemons for natural hair treatments Far from being a sour surprise, lemons abound in health benefits.  Lemons are known for their cleansing and detoxification properties when taken orally, and are an excellent topical skin cleanser as well.  Read on to find out how to incorporate these tart gems into your health and beauty regimen. Lemons for Detoxification Our bodies are designed to filter out toxins, and do so effectively, but only to a point.  In our chemical-laded modern world, we often accumulate more toxins than…
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Health & Body Benefits of Coconut Oil

Cracked Coconut Conventionally we’re taught that fats are unhealthy and contribute to obesity and heart disease.  However, certain fats are heart healthy and have a myriad of other benefits.  Coconut oil abounds with beneficial fats, and has mucho of health benefits.  Adding this taste of paradise to your diet will keep you healthy inside and out. How can coconut oil benefit my health? The oils found in coconuts have beneficial immune, endocrine, nutritional, anti-aging and cardiovascular effects.  Coconut oil can help us…
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Aloe Vera Done Right

Aloe Vera The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in it.  The Mesopotamians recorded its use as a healing plant in 2100 bce.  The Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality,” and presented it as a gift to deceased pharaohs.  What is it?  The humble aloe vera, a succulent plant that so many of us today use on cuts and burns.  However, there’s far more to aloe vera’s its story than just a burn gel.  So What Can Aloe Vera Do for My…
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pH Balance: Your Ticket to Gorgeous Skin!

Cacao For Radiant Skin Health Countless hours and dollars have been devoted to the study of skincare, and the average consumer is willing to go to great lengths for results.  Unfortunately, these misguided attempts often involve the use of crap-filled products that only make matters worse. It turns out that we overthink skincare, and that simply restoring the skin’s balance and natural defenses is able to protect the skin from infection, autoimmune conditions and premature aging. The body’s pH balance is very important in overall…
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Grapefruit Seed Extract, Natural Preservative or Not So Conservative?

grapefruit Do a quick web search on grapefruit seed extract, or GSE, and you’ll find multiple infomercial-style articles touting its benefits.  All natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!  Natural medicinal properties!  What your search might not disclose is the fact that this “all natural” product may not be all that natural. GSE’s Dirty Little Secret  What your “all natural” GSE may be hiding are some really nasty chemicals, such as diphenol chloride and  benzethonium chloride.  Look these babies up!   You’ll find numerous scholarly…
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Are GMOs Sneaking Under Your Skin?

The hot topic of the day is eating foods that are actually genetically monitored organisms. Many people don’t want to put foods into their body that have be significantly altered. While we are aware these foods exist, could you be putting genetically monitored organisms on your skin too? Sounds like mad science!  Referred to as GMOs, CSA states these plants are created for use by humans or animals by using molecular biology techniques. They are not plants in their natural…
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