Longer Lashes: Complete Crap? We Try, You Decide!

Eyelash products that promise fuller, longer lashes seem to be in abundance these days. But how do we know which ones really work, and which ones are complete crap?
The best way to find out, besides learning the facts (which we will try to provide you with here) is to read product reviews. Make sure they are from REAL people, and not paid marketers or the company themselves. Tried and tested reviews are the best way to make sure you are getting what you paid for!

Unfortunately, a lot of products out there in the beauty world make lots of promises, but are unable to live up to their words. Then we, the consumers, are left high and dry with a product that does absolutely nothing (or makes things worse) and we feel neglected by the market. Is everyone trying to con us? Sometimes it sure seems that way. Also, watch out for hormone changes and thyroid conditions. Sometimes medical issues affect how thick and lush or sparse our hair/lashes can be, so never neglect seeking medical attention with any acute hair loss, sudden changes or gradual loss.

Why do we even need products to make our eyelashes better? Is there something wrong with me because mine seem to be falling out/less lush?

Not at all! Unfortunately, hair follicles deteriorate over time. Because of this deterioration, hair [on the eyebrows and eyelashes] tends to turn brittle and fall out easily. This hair falls out even more when we use products like eyelash curlers/extensions, and use mascara frequently. Also, sometimes we just genetically have thinner hair. Of course the solution to stopping the deterioration and loss of eyelashes is to stop using cosmetics, but this simply is not possible for most people. Eyelashes CAN be regrown, but make sure you are not damaging the follicles even more by using harmful products!

One type of eyelash revival system – “Revitalash”.

Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid help stimulate the right kind of growth for eyelashes, which when used correctly, will help to grow thicker lashes and eyebrows. Natural methods like eating a healthy diet and getting more sleep can improve eyelashes/skin just by being overall healthy.

Please remember, before buying ANY product (no matter how promising it may look or sound) make sure that the product is CLINICALLY PROVEN AND SAFE TO USE. It’s not worth it to risk your health just for better looking eyelashes.

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