Waxing – What A Sticky Situation!

Body hair.  We all have it, but, a lot of people don’t like it.  They don’t like it on themselves and they don’t like seeing it on others.  So, it’s no surprise men and women alike have been removing their body hair for many, many years.  In fact, ancient Egyptians and even cavemen removed at least some of their body hair.  In many instances it was actually considered a status symbol.

Today most women sport hairless armpits and legs and generally, a whole lot more!  Men often choose to shave their beards, but these days men and women alike prefer to remove back hair, leg hair, and, um, hair elsewhere too. But what’s the best way to get rid of that body hair?freshly waxed legs  While there isn’t any “best” hair removal method many men and women prefer waxing.

That said, given how waxing and sugaring (a similar hair removal method that uses a sugar syrup instead of wax.) is done, can it really be OK for your skin?  Tugging so hard at your skin that your hairs are actually pulled out by the follicles has to cause damage right?  Well…..this isn’t an easy “Yes or No” question.

If done properly the skin is pulled taught and this protects it from bruising and chafing.  However, you’re pulling hair out by the root after all and, as such, you can expect inflammation, redness and swelling, and for some even bruising; especially in delicate places, like your upper lip, and bikini area for example.  Luckily, this is all temporary and can be minimized by a qualified practitioner, but it’s certainly not ideal.

It’s not just the process that can be harsh though either, the products used after waxing to dissolve the remaining wax residue can contain icky irritants and toxic ingredients.  In addition, some waxes themselves actually contain questionable ingredients.   Considering the delicate places where you’re putting these products it may make you think twice about waxing; or at least it should!

So what to do?  Well, you can be sure the products you (or your aesthitician) are using are hairless chest waxingall natural and as gentle as possible.  You could also switch to sugaring, which is much more natural and requires no toxic clean up solution.  Then, there’s shaving of course, or, you might try lasers.

Lasers work to completely damage the hair follicle and fully remove the hair in up approximately 6 treatments.  However, this hair removal method isn’t perfect either.   It’s not recommended for the eyebrows as they tend to become sparse with age and we want to make sure we have plenty there. Lasers are not for all skin types and can cause injury to the skin, darkening and other side effects if not done properly.    Also, as with any beauty procedure, if you select this option seek a qualified technician.

Overall, if you choose waxing as the hair removal method for you, it may be a great option, and, it may not.  For many, waxing keeps the hair away for up to 2 months, with some treatments, even longer than that; and for this alone, the negatives are worth it for some people.  Just be sure you know what the risks are or, waxing may truly become a sticky situation.

Overall, the message is that though it has problems, waxing can be a pretty great hair removal solution – after all, the hair is gone for up to several months with just one treatment!  But, you’ve got to be careful, or you could end up in a sticky situation – literally!




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