Willow Bark: Now You’re Barking Up the Right Tree!

Cacao For Radiant Skin HealthWillow bark is prized for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.  Willow bark is a great all-natural acne treatment, and can effectively zap zits on all skin types without stripping skin and causing the redness, cracking and peeling associated with harsher acne treatments.

 The Cure-All for Acne, Fine Lines and Rosacea

Willow bark extract is a potent cocktail of salicylic acid, tannins, flavonoids, fragilin, trandrin, vimalin and essential minerals.  Each of these compounds does its part to support healthy skin.

Salicylic acid is a natural exfoliant, allowing you to strip away dead skin cells, making room for healthy new skin cells and rejuvenating your skin.  It also decreases sebum production, nipping acne in the bud.

Further, willow-bark’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for swelling and sensitivity associate with rosacea and acne.  Inflammation can also contribute to premature aging, so minimizing skin inflammation can keep your skin younger for longer.

Salicylic Acid Done Right

Salicylic acid is predominately responsible for willow bark’s anti-acne effects.  This may be surprising to read, as many harsh mainstream acne treatments also contain salicylic acid as the natural ingredient.  However, the salicylic acid used in these products is synthetic, and is harder on the skin than the natural, gentler form found in willow bark. 

In addition willowbark lacks the nasty preservatives, surfactants and other ugly additives found in these products, so it’s easier on your skin and also doesn’t have the health risks associated with many such ingredients.

Including Willow Bark in Your Skin Care Regimen

If you’re looking to start using willow bark on your skin, good on you!  Remember to choose an all-natural preparation that contains salicylic acid derived from organic willow bark rather than synthetic, and is free of preservative and other additives. 

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