Odor Fighting Foods for Less Funk, During Any Activity

Body odor is a common issue for so many people, and during extreme activities, hardcore workouts, or just a warm day, you can plan on some funky odors.

But there are ways to reduce the potency, and pungent smell associated with your body odor. Rely on natures goodness and avoid toxic talc and aluminum filled body products! Simple dietary changes can make a huge difference, because really, whatever you put in your body will at some point need to come out. So here are the top odor fighting foods you can add to your plate, to minimize the funk:

1. Fresh Herbs like spearmint, peppermint and parsley have the ability to diminish stinky body odor. Simply chewing on a sprig of mint, or parsley can instantly freshen breath, and adding these fresh herbs to your favorite meals can also offer the same effects to the smell of your other body odors. These herbs contain essential oils that have powerful properties known to not only reduce offensive smells, but also remove toxins from the body. Chop up your choice of sweet basil, mint, parsley and other fragrant herbs and add them to salads, drinks, and any other of your favorite recipes to reduce those nasty whiffs, from the inside out!

2. Citrus Fruits contain unique nutrients that help flush out pollutants and toxins via your elimination organs. Since the skin is your largest elimination organ, you can plan on anything you eat (including potent smelling foods like garlic, along with foods that contain known toxins like grain fed meets) producing waste products that need to be eliminated. This means that by adding detoxifying foods like citrus fruits to your diet, you can reduce those musky smells, and foul odor caused by those contaminants. Citrus fruits also offer powerful antioxidants that work to promote detoxification, along with alpha-hydroxy acids that support full-body cleansing.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar is a sweeter-tasting vinegar than other varieties, and has been used for centuries for it’s antibacterial abilities. Used to promote weight loss, and proper digestive function, this vinegar contains phenolics, and other chemical compounds with a high acidity content. This helps to reduce odor caused by a build up of toxins in the digestive tract. Just a spoonful of this powerful natural disinfectant a day can calm your body smell, fast.

4. Green Tea, white tea and black tea contain some of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any food. These beverages are delicious with a touch of honey, and help support overall detoxification, but they also have a unique ability to reduce perspiration. The compounds found in green tea make the tea bags an easy go-to emergency anti-perspirant. You can actually steep the bags for just a few minutes, and place them in sweaty spots after cooling, as the tannic acids work to stop perspiration. Toss these tea bags in with warm water, and a half a cup of apple cider vinegar to make a relaxing (and effective) foot soak that reduces odor, and kills bacteria. 

5. Magnesium deficiencies can contribute to body odor so consider adding a supplement, or even better, foods rich in magnesium such as oatmeal or almonds which are also rich in omega fatty acids!  Spinach also contains odor fighting chlorophyll so eating healthy offers more then just one benefit!

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