Anti Cellulite Creams – The Real Deal?

anti cellulite creamI’m guessing no one finds cellulite attractive.  I know it’s not my favorite thing in the world – especially not my own!  Luckily (or maybe not?) the beauty industry has, yet again, come to the rescue.  This time, in the form of anti cellulite creams.

But are they the real deal?  Can you really get rid of cellulite with a cream?

Well, first off, most cellulite creams on the market don’t necessarily claim to get rid of cellulite.  Instead, they say they’ll reduce the appearance of cellulite; the type of vague claim so often presented by beauty products.  So, by these standards, who really knows if they work!

Some women do claim that they’ve used anti cellulite creams and they work for them.  Also, some ingredients used in many of these creams are known for certain effects like firming the skin or reducing water retention.  But, overall, these effects are temporary at best if they’re present at all. 

And, most likely, your skin will still have at least a bit of that cellulite appearance even with the application of these pricey and toxic beauty products.


Because cellulite is natural.  Women and men both have cellulite, but women’s skin is thinner and as a result, cellulite is more visible.  It’s unfortunate we hate it so much.  Diet and exercise can help but, even the healthiest, thinnest women get cellulite in their thighs and bottom.  We’re simply designed that way!

It’s my advice then that we just learn to love who we are naturally, and leave the questionable creams on the shelf.  It’ll save you some money, and, best of all, you can stop rubbing toxins into your skin in hopes of making something happen that won’t!

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