Are GMOs Sneaking Under Your Skin?

The hot topic of the day is eating foods that are actually genetically monitored organisms. Many people don’t want to put foods into their body that have be significantly altered. While we are aware these foods exist, could you be putting genetically monitored organisms on your skin too? Sounds like mad science! 

Referred to as GMOs, CSA states these plants are created for use by humans or animals by using molecular biology techniques. They are not plants in their natural form and certain traits are enhanced. Are these plants really poopy for you? 

While their effects on humans are still relatively unknown, the FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture have approved more than 40 plants, stating they have completed all federal requirements for commercialization. Very confusing caca. 

In other words, people are still taking a risk when they consume GMOs. An example of biotechnology innovation is introducing proteins that are not native to a certain species. This appears to be yet more questionable caca, eh?

How can these elements sneak into your skin care and cosmetics? According to Cosmetics Info, genetically modified foods were introduced in1996. Now a large portion of the food supply on our continent is genetically modified. These oils and botanicals in your skin care products could also be GMOs! 

Examples include soybean oil, corn oil, corn flour, proteins from yeast and lecithin.  Avoid that doo doo if you can. Modified canola is used to make high levels of lauric acid, an ingredient found in detergents and soaps. We don’t want this poop on our skin, do you?

The best way to avoid GMO’s getting under your skin is to choose organic and natural products that do not use them. Stick to non-toxic beauty products and always review ingredients carefully.





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