Five Natural Acne Treatments That Will Give You Clear Skin – No Funk Needed

5 natural acne treatmentsAcne.  Often only associated with teenagers, acne can actually be a problem for most of us throughout our lives.  Of course we don’t enjoy the way our pores can swell up, get red, and fill with pus during a breakout – so – we “treat” the acne with various remedies and products.  Unfortunately though, many “acne treatments” – even the pricey ones – use ingredients that actually end up continuing the cycle of acne instead of clearing it.

That’s why you should choose natural acne treatments instead so you can enjoy clear skin – no funky stuff needed!

You don’t have to use acne treatments based on drying, irritating ingredients.  Instead, enjoy natural acne remedies straight from Mother Earth. 

Aloe Vera Gel soothing, anti inflammatory

Neemanti-bacterial, anti-microbial

Licorice Rootreduces discoloration and inflammation

Witch Hazelsoothing, reduces swelling, flushes pores

Tea Tree Oilprevents and reduces bacteria formation

Use these all natural acne treatments regularly, preferably at least twice a day, even when you’re not experiencing a breakout.  This will keep your skin clear and healthy naturally to break the cycle of acne once and for all!

New Lifestyle Habits for Additional Natural Acne Treatments

In addition to these all natural beauty ingredients for acne you’ll also want to consider some lifestyle changes if you’re having trouble with regular acne breakouts. 

Reduce or Eliminate Dairy – Dairy products, especially high fat ones like ice cream for example, increase the body’s production of pore clogging oil.

Exercise RegularlyWhen you sweat you clear your pores.  Regular exercise also helps the body release toxins and improves immunity as well which also aids in natural acne prevention.

RelaxStress is bad for us in many ways including it’s ability to increase our acne.  So, do yourself a favor and relax.  Enjoy regular meditation, yoga, hiking, or another type of activity that can help you leave your stress behind and embrace peace for clearer skin, and many other benefits too!

Between these 5 natural acne treatments and these additional lifestyle habits you’re sure to clear or at least greatly reduce your acne; no matter what your age.  To get you started, check out our  No Bull Blemish Blaster that includes all of these 5 natural acne fighting beauty ingredients all in one bottle plus other amazing skin care ingredients for beautifully clear skin, No Bull Included!! 


AHA fruit acid mildly exfoliates and regulates sebum (oil) production  – See more at:
AHA fruit acid mildly exfoliates and regulates sebum (oil) production  – See more at:
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