Gluten Free Beauty Products Are Free of Poopy Side Effects!

As gluten and gluten related health issues are increasingly a greater challenge amongst our population, many are turning to gluten free beauty products as well. As skin is the largest organ,  it is said that some 60% of what is applied to our skin may enter the bloodstream and cause sensitivities.  That’s a serious amount of crap in our systems if we are not careful what we use!  While some may be more sensitive to gluten than others, it’s not always easy to tell which products contain wheat or other grain glutens and which products are totally gluten-poopin’-free.

Gluten is not limited wheat, as it is also present in rye, barley and even some oats. It may also be present in soy sauce, other foods and your cosmetics!  For those sensitive to gluten (a good part of the population) consuming it causes  damage to the the nutrient absorbing villi in the small intestines eventually causing nutritional deficiencies. Though picking a gluten free product may seem as simple as checking the ingredients list for “wheat” or “gluten”, unfortunately you can be deceived.  That’s some serious bull and many suffer from side effects as a result!  If you have celiac disease or wheat or gluten sensitivities you need to avoid this crap!

Whether you shop at a quality health food store or not, sometimes ingredients that may sound unrelated to wheat or gluten may actually be derived from a gluten-containing component. These “hidden-gluten” ingredients, though they sound ok yet may still cause trouble for those attempting to adhere to a strictly gluten-free diet. In addition, many manufacturers produce gluten free products in a factory that still processes wheat products exposing you to risk nonetheless.  Total bull! You should look for labels that say “produced in a factory that also produces wheat” for example, yet not all will disclose. Take a minute today to compare this list of  sometimes hidden-gluten ingredients to the food and beauty products you are using, then contact us to discover the Gluten Free,  BS free products we’ve found to help you treat your hair and skin to the best gluten-free beauty products our specialists have discovered.  Flush gluten now if you suspect an allergy!

Consider Gluten Free Beauty products if you suspect you have a sensitivity to such ingredients and be free of wheat poop!


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