How to Speak Out With Your Wallet to Help Protect the Planet

Planet EarthAs Earth Day arrives this year, it’s obvious the planet needs us now more than ever.  We’ve got Monsanto trying to patent the earth’s plants and seeds – and destroy everyone who attempts to stand in their way – while buying off politicians left and right.  In the US the Keystone XL pipeline has a real potential of becoming a reality, Fracking is destroying land and water everywhere, Air and water pollution are rampant around the globe, China is forcing cosmetic companies to test on animals…and so much more it can be overwhelming to even think about it.  But if you don’t think about it, who will?

After all, like Dr. Seusses’ Lorax said…”Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.”

So, the planet needs you – this much is obvious, however, what you can do to help may not be.  One of the most powerful ways you can help heal the planet today is to spend your money with a conscience.

Hate Monsanto and GMOs? – in addition to donating money to your state’s anti GMO legislative initiatives, boycott companies that use Monsanto seed, are owned by Monsanto, or use GMO ingredients.  There are plenty of great, natural brands trying to do the right thing.  It just takes some research to support the right ones and still get the types of items you need.wallet and money

Same with personal care products.  If you want to avoid products that test on animals, you can look for various types of certifications.  While products being Leaping Bunny or PETA certified as cruelty free aren’t the only ones that don’t test on animals since these types of certification processes can often be pricy, for the most part, companies that don’t engage in animal testing are proud to talk about it on their packaging, website, or at least will tell you if you contact them.  Basically, you can’t clearly figure out their policy, don’t spend your money on their product, and move on to a different company that’s willing to be more transparent.

Which brings us to another point.  Shopping with small businesses is more eco friendly and will help you be certain you know who and what you’re choosing to support with your hard earned dollars.  You can discuss policies, practices, and get a feel for those benefiting from your purchase.  This is impossible with many large companies today, and, worse, most try to avoid honest discussions about their products and practices like they’re the plague.  If you don’t spend your money with them though, and choose small, local businesses that see the value in you as a customer and supporter of their work, that’s what will thrive, instead of that corporate ick.

So, take heart, while you may not be able to cure the world of all its ills, you can still effect positive change for the planet in a great many ways; especially by how you spend your money!  Boycott companies that aren’t doing what you think is right, buy from those that are, and get others to do the same.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly a group of informed consumers can change practices and policies!  And, when it all gets a bit overwhelming, remember if you don’t speak up, who will?

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