Is Greenwashing Another Term for Hogwash?

With greenwashing running rampant, we like to call out bull when we spot it.  Sometimes it hides behind flowery terms but we can smell the crap a mile away.  In the corporate world, they refer to this marketing tactic as whitewashing.  Here, we refer to greenwashing as hogwash.

Greenwashing refers to corporations that attempt to go green by changing their labels, packaging and marketing.  They realize consumers are concerned about their health and the environment.  Their goal is to improve their public image rather than deliver a more wholesome product or service.  Selfish poop indeed!

Unfortunately, some people are duped by greenwashing techniques.  Natural means very little because there is such a loose criteria for using the word.  Organic holds more weight because there are certain standards companies have to meet to use that term.  Reading the label used to be the the best way to ensure you are getting non-toxic beauty products. But this confusing caca is impossible for consumers to keep track of!  Total crap!

Steer clear of chemicals in makeup and skin care products, especially terms you can’t pronounce or recognize.  According to Rodale, dirty words to avoid include parabens, dies, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, triclosan, formaldehyde, DEA, TEA and sodium laureth sulfate.  Educate yourself about the bad stuff so you won’t be tricked by that  garbage greenwashing.

Choose wholesome beauty ingredients and packaging that won’t harm your body or the environment. Eco-friendly choices include aloe vera, olive oil, pomegranate, green tea, essential oils and much more!  There is PLENTY to choose from but steer clear of the big brands with hefty marketing dollars.  Don’t buy into fancy labels and lofty claims.  Most of them are greenwashing techniques meant to reach into your pocket without a conscience.

That’s some SERIOUS BS!

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