Is Salicylic Acid Synthetic? Get the Scoop Here!

So you may wonder if salicylic acid skincare products are synthetic.  While it is initially a naturally occurring plant derived ingredient, it is commonly (but not always) processed to extract the beneficial constituent then altered into powder form. You may know it as “aspirin” which contains salicylin, or you may have experienced it in beauty products.  Does this process make it bad?  Many may say “no” if the benefits outweigh the risks.  I would imagine if you need relief from a headache and natural remedies have failed you, it makes sense to turn to good ole’ aspirin.  However, when it comes to skincare products, there are wonderful truly natural salicylic acid options.

So what is this stuff? Salicylic acid It is a beta hydroxy acid that acts an a mild exfoliating ingredient and anti-inflammatory agent on your skin. It gently sloughs away dead skill cells to reveal healthier new skin. This sloughing action helps to reduce acne and keep the bacteria that contributes to it at bay. It also reduces the appearance of dryness and wrinkling by revealing softer smoother skin underneath. Everyday Health reports people with rosacea also experience improvements using salicylic acid. We know it’s important to get rid of those dull skin cells to obtain the glowing skin we want.
In addition, when you couple this natural beauty ingredient with alpha hydroxy acids from fruits you increase the anti-aging benefits dramatically!  Add in some antioxidants and you have a powerhouse of a beauty product right there!

Not all salicylic acid is the same however.  Research reveals that this naturally occurring acid is best derived from the Willowbark Tree.  Utilizing naturally derived vs. synthesized ingredients are the better choice for non-toxic, more effective skincare ingredients.

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