Is There Something Fishy About Fish Oil Supplements?

Everyone is talking about omega-3 fatty acids.  Good for skin, hair, heart, and overall health, right?  We love these beauty supplements but word on the street is people today eat higher levels omega-6 acids and we need a balance with omega-3’s. A diet with essential fatty acids keeps our skin smooth and beautiful. But is popping a fish oil table the answer to making it happen?


Your body does not produce essential fatty acids so you need to get them from what you eat. Omega-6 fats boost cell growth, blood clotting and your body’s natural immune response to inflammation. On the other hand, omega-3 fats control cell growth, decrease blood clotting and minimize inflammation. It’s easy to see why we need a balance of both.


Omega-6’s come from vegetable oils. Plant sources have omega-3s including chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. You also get them from oily fish. Instead of eating these foods, people are taking omega-3 supplements. There are liquids, gels and capsules with fish oil. So what’s so fishy about these supplements?


One problem is heartburn. Nobody like a fishy burp. Why does it happen? Unfortunately, many fish oil capsules are rancid. Fish oil goes bad fast and can cause those smelly burps. This fish oil stuff sounds like crap!

Another problem is the simple fact they are from fish.  Over fishing is a problem today as is, as well as the contamination of our water from farm raised fish. And of course, it’s not for vegetarians and vegans.

Eating oily fish all the time sounds unappetizing, especially with certain mercury findings. Fortunately, we can still get the omega-3’s we need from plants including leafy green veggies, acai berry and chia seeds.  Just remember to  balance them with the healthy omega 6 vegetable oils. A healthy diet along with hair and skin care products made with essential fatty acids are the perfect combo. They will naturally give you a youthful and glowing complexion. That sounds like good poop to us!

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