Natural Skin Care for Babies – Free of Chemical Crap

Now that you’re a proud parent of a newborn, remember to take care of the delicate skin they’re in. A baby’s skin and immune system are developing and sensitive. You need to protect your little one from harmful elements.

Many popular baby products contain toxins such as carcinogens, dyes, fragrances, formaldehyde and talc. These ingredients can cause skin irritations, dryness, allergies, breathing problems and even more serious conditions. Some nasty poop that we would not want around!  Choose products with safe chemical free ingredients that won’t irritate your baby’s skin and system.

Frequent baths can cause eczema and dry skin. Sponge bath your baby every other day so natural oils are retained that protect this fragile skin. Do it less often for newborns with darker skin that is particularly susceptible to eczema and other skin problems.

Clean the diaper area with warm water and a soft cotton cloth rather than using wipes. Make sure to use a laundry detergent with no dyes or fragrances. Change diapers frequently to avoid rashes. Use a vitamin ointment on irritations and avoid toxic talcum powder.

One of the most beneficial things for your baby is a massage. It is a way to express love and also boosts immunity to fight disease. Being touched triggers hormones and calms your baby.  And it may just calm our older butts too! 🙂

Use safe and calming essential oils in a highly diluted form in jojoba or grapeseed oils and warm ever so slightly before applying. You can also use an organic skin care lotion that is fragrance-free or select organic vegetable oils. If you use scent, french lavender and roman chamomile, and ylang ylang are particularly calming. Swaddle the baby in a soft towel or blanket. Rub your baby gently along the back, tummy, chest and feet. This also keeps your baby’s skin soft and supple. Can relax you and baby and a great way to bond free of chemical crap!  🙂





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