No Bull Body Scrubs are formulated with a divine blend of organic sugars, antioxidant-rich oils and pure fruit enzymes. These 100% natural ingredients gently dissolve skin cells to reveal a radiant skin tone and texture.  This special blend of aromatic essences derived entirely from nature also promotes a sense of well-being.  

No Bull Pumpkin Body Scrub: 

Pure organic pumpkin enzymes gently dissolve skin cells, while spices of cinnamon and ginger promote healthy skin tone and a radiant glow. Sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and decadent shea butter nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Soothe, smooth and tone with this all-natural goodness!

“We love the pumpkin scrub that leaves just the right amount of slick post shower”  – Daily Candy 

contains: *raw unrefined nonGMO cane sugar, sunflower seed oil, *coconut oil, *shea butter, *pumpkin, sea salt, vitamin E, organic *cinnamon, *ginger, *nutmeg and *clove *organic


No Bull Mocha Mint Body Scrub w/ Raw Cacao:   Have your mornin’ scrub of jo’ and get ready to glow!

A divine blend of antioxidant-rich cacao and coffee gently exfoliate to improve skin texture. Coffee minimizes the appearance of cellulite and encourages healthy skin. Mint improves skin tone and offers purification properties. This special blend of nutrient rich oils, butters and intoxicating aromas soothe and smooth the skin while alleviating stress!

contains: *raw unrefined nonGMO cane sugar, sunflower seed oil, *coconut oil, mocha arabica (coffee), cocoa butter, *raw cacao, sea salt, vitamin E, peppermint oil *organic

**Please use caution to avoid water from entering this finished product  – and Always handle containers with dry hands. ** 
Stir and apply with clean, dry hands.  Massage gently and rinse.  

vegan – nontoxic – gluten free – synthetic chemical free –

No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!

Important Details

Stir well prior to use, making sure to keep wet fingers out of the product.
Make sure to handle glass with dry hands and of course, using caution.

Apply to damp skin using circular motions with an upward and outward direction.
Massage each area for 30-60 seconds then rinse thoroughly.

May use 2-3 per week paying special attention to rough dry areas and flaky skin.
Please do “not” use on the face, these products are designed for body.

Then smile, be happy! You are glowing and refreshed now. 🙂


Aromatherapy offers benefits for stress relief, mood enhancement and encourages a positive outlook. Choose a scent you love, or has a positive experience attached to it and you may just find yourself smiling uncontrollably. Ok, maybe not, but what's the worst that could happen?

Smooth skin, radiant glow, no more flakes in your socks this winter?


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