Hemp Hemp Hooray | The Natural Beauty Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil!

Cannabis Sative drawing including hemp seeds.Let’s face it, when most people hear the word hemp, they think of a lot of things; but beauty isn’t tops on the list!  It honestly should be though.

Hemp seeds, when pressed, make a highly nutritive oil.  This resulting hemp seed oil can be used topically as well as incorporated into your diet for a variety of amazing natural beauty benefits – Here are just a few of them.

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids
A Natural Anti Oxidant
Great Source of Amino Acids
Full of Vitamin E
Anti Inflammatory Properties
Offers a Light Texture that Won’t Clog Pores

To enjoy all these and more natural beauty benefits of hemp internally add some hemp seed oil to a smoothie, make a salad dressing with hemp seed oil as your base, or enjoy it by the spoonful.

Hemp seed oil alone can be used topically by simply massaging it gently into your skin or hair.  But, it can also be used as a carrier oil for your favorite aromatherapy scents.  Then use as a massage oil, make a preparation for bug repellant, or simply enjoy as a natural perfume.

As soon as you begin including hemp seed oil in your diet and beauty regimen, you’ll quickly begin to see why there’s no bull at ALL about the natural beauty benefits of hemp!

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

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