To Tea or Not To Tea? The Topical Benefits of powerful

There has been plenty of talk about green tea but what about red tea? Are these teas really a health and beauty aid or a load of crap? Also known as Rooibos tea, both red and green teas have properties to boost your well-being and appearance. It seems green tea and red tea are as good in skin care as they are in a mug.

Red tea leaves are oxidized or fermented to enhance the flavor. Green tea requires a more stringent production process because it is not oxidized. Green and red teas are consumed to relive digestive problems and tension. Good stuff in rooibos tea include flavanols, flavonoids and dismutase, a super powerful antioxidant. It certainly sound like good poop to us!

Flavonoids in rooibos are known to combat cancer. The antioxidant superoxide dimutase is an enzyme that is found in all living cells. According to WebMD, it breaks down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in your cells. This can even prevent tissue damage. It also helps heal dermatological problems. This sounds like powerful poop! We think we’ll tea rather than not tea.

Because they are power-packed, red and green tee are great in natural skin care unless it contains other antioxidant-rich ingredients. Examples include sea buckthorn berry, rose hip seed oil and other natural oils that are also chock full of antioxidants. Antioxidants clear up blemishes while essential oils may smooth wrinkles. This sounds like some good poop!




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