Top Ten Toxic Turds in Cosmetics

Cosmetics might look colorful and smell wonderful but could be hiding one or more of the top ten toxic turds! Looks are deceiving and you need to read the ingredients to unearth the scary truth. The largest organ we have is skin. Research indicates more than half of what we put on our skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. We don’t want to soak up crap into our systems!

Frankly, none of us want to put anything that goes into antifreeze on our skin. That’s why we steer clear of propylene and butylene glycols. This is some truly scary poop! Formaldehyde is a funky common preservative. This is the stuff used to embalm dead things! It’s a carcinogenic we don’t want to find in our skin products. More highly toxic carcinogenics to avoid include DEA and TEA, formally known as diethanolamine and triethanolamine.

Washing our skin is supposed to make it clean. Using cleansers with sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates can be irritating and contain toxins. This sounds like nasty crap to us! Another skin irritating toxin that also disrupts hormones are phthalates. Eewwwwy, these sounds like ingredients to flush!

Now that we’re halfway through our list, lets get rid of those awful parabens. These preservatives have been linked to breast cancer. Preservatives used to replace parabens have been banned in some countries but continues to be used in many organic and natural cosmetic brands. We don’t want any!

Moving onto the sixth ugly element on our list of toxins, synthetic fragrances are often toxic and may cause skin irritation and headaches. The seventh sneakster are synthetic preservatives are also yucky lab-created chemicals that contain potential carcinogens.

Some emulsifiers called cocomide and myristimide  are also toxic and irritate the skin.These icky items are toxic and can clog your pores. This is not on our list for good skin care!

Finally, we cannot possibly recommend using animal tested or animal derived ingredients. Besides being totally inhumane, they are also disruptive to your hormones. We urge you to flush them!

Unfortunately, the list could continue but we wanted to raise awareness about some of the top ten toxic turds used in cosmetics. Avoid these crappy culprits and look for natural skin care products with wholesome ingredients such as pure botanical extracts and essential oils.

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