Daggone Aging Skin!! Where to Friggin’ Begin?

Daggone Aging…  what to know about aging skin 

Just like all of the body organs,  your skin is no exception when it comes to aging. The aging process can be fast-tracked if you expose your skin to many harsh chemicals and environments.  When we are younger,  it may be less important because the skin regenerates every two weeks. The problem is, as the skin ages, the speed of regeneration diminishes. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of how the skin ages in each corresponding decade of your life:

Teenage Years

Although aging is not yet apparent during these years, other skin problems brought by puberty’s hormonal changes can take place, particularly acne. If left untreated, acne can affect you until your adulthood. To counteract this problem, avoid harsh scrubs, do not pick the skin and avoid the use of harsh chemicals that may speed up the aging process.  Also avoid sun exposure as it will not help acne.  Often we think drying out acne is a good thing when it actually can exacerbate the problem and contribute to aging and scarring.  A mild but gentle facial cleanser will also help to avoid harsh drying ingredients that can make acne worse.


This is often when the first signs of aging will surface. All those days in the sun without protection and nights spent staying up late during your teenage years can start showing up. It is during your twenties that collagen and elastin start breaking down. These cushion like substances are responsible for maintaining the skin’s smoothness and suppleness. Like a mattress and box-spring, this is where our skins outermost layer is supported from. Don’t wait for the day when the damages become irreversible and the mattress sags. Start by protecting your skin with nourishing quality ingredients and avoiding excessive sun exposure.


As the supply of collagen and elastin continues to deplete, wrinkles may evolve during this stage. Nonetheless, the damage is still relatively minimal so you can relax by opting for a product that expedites the skin’s repair and renewal process.  Utilizing natural oils and an abundance of collagen enhancing organic ingredients to assist in minimizing the appearance of those flaws and help you prevent further wrinkles from occurring.


Dead skin cells will inhabit your face during your forties. A more hydrating moisturizer is needed along with super natural non-toxic beauty products offer because the skin will start slowing down in terms of seeping moisture. Aside from committing to a skin care regimen,a diet containing healthy vitamins, essential fatty acids and nutrients for hair, skin and health is essential. 

Fifties and Above

Sun spots, spidery veins, and wrinkles develop sometimes prior to this age but most commonly during. The extent of the effects of aging depends on how you took care of your skin during your early years. While you can always undergo surgery, even peels and lasers, prevention will always be better.  At this time you may need skin brightening and lightening ingredients, resurfacing fruit acids and rich nourishing oils added to your night regimen.

It’s never too early or too late to protect your skin. Now that you have understood some of the things that occur in the skin during the different stages of your life, it’s time to look for ways that can make you age gracefully!

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