Poopy Plastic Packaging – To Toss or Not to Toss?

Savvy cosmetic buyers read labels more carefully to ensure their products contain natural or organic ingredients. Nobody wants chemicals or toxins in anything that touches their skin. But did you consider whether these cosmetics are encased in poopy plastic packaging?

It takes more chemicals to make plastic packaging than simpler choices such as glass. While glass might be breakable, the toxins in plastic packaging actually leach into your cosmetics and skin care products. No doo doo in my products pleeeeaase!

Consider some of the nasty stuff found in plastic packing and what it can do to you. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used for shampoo bottles and cosmetic containers. This is the same material those smelly plastic shower curtains are made of!! Can you imagine these same stinky fumes coming out into your cosmetics?!  It certainly smells and seems like crap to me!

PVC often contains the dreaded phthalates to give it flexibility and resilience. According to EXRX, this type 3 plastic is a hormone disrupting element. It can reduce sperm counts, cause reproductive abnormalities and has been linked to liver cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans. We stay it’s time to flush this kind of packaging once and for all!

For your liquid products you should consider packaging that does not use plastic or PVC. Those lightweight packages might seem colorful and convenient, but don’t be duped. There’s no sense in buying natural cosmetics when they are housed in harmful packaging that release toxins into your product.  Plastic even absorbs flavor and color from your food products in many cases.  Look for products in glass packaging when possible.  It is not always available but at minimum seek the safer plastics and recycled please.

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