Big Cosmetic Companies Pay for Testing on Animals But Safe Cosmetics Still Exist!

Recently PETA reported several major companies pay for testing on animals. For over two decades, these companies were previously on PETA’s list of cosmetic manufacturers that do not test on animals. Fortunately, there are still plenty of cosmetic companies that refuse to test on animals.

The Chinese government requires testing on animals??  Ugh!  Apparently, some cosmetic companies don’t want to miss out on this huge market. As a result, they started paying for tests on animals after pledging to go cruelty-free. These companies apparently include industry leaders such as Avon, Mary Kay and Estėe Lauder. We were very disappointed and think it’s time to end that BS!

Many cosmetic companies still make it a priority to be cruelty-free. Innocent animals suffer from testing that includes sprays cosmetics in their eyes and other cruel behavior. It is unnecessary and we prefer not to support it.Non-toxic beauty options use natural ingredients that appeal to a conscientious, vegan market.

Now PETA is supporting the efforts of the Institute for In Vitro Studies (IIVS), which is putting together a coalition to help train scientists in China about the use of non-animal test methods. Much of the world is using cruelty-free test methods, including the United States and the European Union.

To our relief, safe cosmetics still exist.  They refuse to perform testing on innocent animals such as mice and rabbits. There are a multitude of companies that took the pledge to go cruelty free and still offer cutting-edge products. Sevani is one of many non-testing companies that signed the cruelty free pledge via Leaping Bunny. They stand out to us as they also donate a portion of proceeds to animal welfare.  With natural ingredients and dedicated to animals, Sevani offers beauty products you don’t have to feel guilty about.

No more animal testing please!!  Cut that crap out already!!!

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