Calling All Men and Those Who Love Them | Get the FULL Skinny on How to Shave Successfully

metal razor close upWomen aren’t the only ones that need our straight, no bull approach to personal care.  Men need us to cut through all that crap out there too.  So today we’re here to give you the skinny on how to shave without getting in grown hairs, razor burn, or other skin issues; and all without using any toxic chemical funk filled products either!

Use a Sharp Razor

First and foremost, no matter what else we share here, if you have a dull, or sometimes even low end razor, you’re face is not going to be happy.  Dull, poor quality razors slice through hairs unevenly causing both ingrown hairs (the hair is cut below the skin allowing the skin to grow over the hair follicle) and a “5 O’clock Shadow” (by not shaving other hairs closely enough).

Purchasing at least a double edged razor is recommended for the closest shave.  And, whatever type of razor you choose, be sure to sharpen it or change the blades regularly.  You can make your razor eco friendly too by being sure it’s not a disposable type of razor and by choosing a metal razor or one made of recycled plastic like those made by Preserve.

Steam Skin First

Never ever ever shave dry.  Instead, the best time to shave is actually directly after a shower.   This is because your skin and pores are relaxed as well as the fact that wet hair is easier to shave than dry hair.  Your facial hair actually absorbs water (over 25% of it’s volume!) and, when your hair is swollen with water, it’s easier to cut.

If you can’t shower before shaving, thoroughly wet your face.  Then steam your beard area by wetting a wash cloth with warm water and applying to your face for about 5 minutes.

Choose Natural Oils Instead of “Shaving Cream”

While many people have come to think that thick, sudsy lather is what cleans and cares for their skin and hair when they wash, they couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The sulfates (ie. crappy chemicals) that are used as part of the product formulation to create that lather are actually known for drying out skin and can be particularly irritating to those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Not only that, when sulfates are used they create a chemical called 1,4 Dioxane; a known carcinogen.  NO one should be using 1,4 Dioxane at all, let alone rubbing into their skin; the largest organ on your body!  Avoid all this toxic crap and keep your face free of redness, razor burn, and irritation by using natural oils to shave.  Choosing a natural oil based shaving serum not only helps you avoid these craptastic chemicals though, it also soothes and protects skin, nourishing it form the inside out and supporting happy, healthy skin, naturally.

The process is still the same if you use a shaving serum.  You still need to use a sharp razor and steam your face.  Then, apply the oils, and shave with the grain of your hair – not against it; something you should do no matter what shaving aid you use to help reduce irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

Tone AND Moisturize After

Many are aware of aftershave.  Aftershaves are designed to soothe the skin after the intense exfoliating process of shaving on your tender facial skin.  Most report that aftershave burns though; and that’s due to alcohol.  Alcohol dries the skin and causes a variety of problems including increased acne. Instead, you can use a natural botanical based toner and moisturizer that will truly soothe and moisturize this delicate area while keeping it balanced and blemish free.

If you’re reading this and are thinking of the man in your life and his shaving woes, why not help him out and check his Valentine’s gift, Christmas present, Birthday present, or Holiday gift off your list too.  Simply gather together a new, eco-friendly razor, washcloth, and a bottle of No Bull Super Natural Serum, along with an oil based cleanser and a nice moisturizer (or he can use the No Bull Serum again) put it in a cool black, navy blue, or other “manly” color/designed box, or display it in another way that would be meaningful to you two.  Then, give it to him to show your love for his health, and his handsome face!

Of course, you could avoid all this and grow a beard; after all, hairy men are the shiznit too!  But, if the man in your life (or you) would like to stay hair free, be sure to ditch that shaving cream and aftershave and choose all natural oil based shaving products instead.  Your face, and the whole rest of your body, will thank you for it!



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