No Bull Tips for Beautiful Feet

no bull beauty tips for your feetOur feet work hard for us every day, and have done so since we started walking somewhere around 1 – 2 years of age.  For many of us, that was a long time ago! 

Think of all the steps you’ve taken since then; many of which were probably on less than gentle surfaces.  And yet, our feet are still here all these years later helping us get around. 

So, in honor of our dear feet, we figured we’d share a few No Bull Beauty Tips to help you care for them as well as they’ve been taking care of you all these years. 



It doesn’t just feel good, massaging the feet relaxes them, and can aid the entire body.  Regular foot massages with a light carrier oil like Organic Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil for example, will also sooth, protect and moisturize feet.  Add a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils to deodorize and de-funkify too!


Soaking your feet regularly is important.  It makes removing the dead skin around them easier and, it will make them look smoother and healthier too.  Try our all natural DIY foot soak recipe – or even just a simple foot bath of warm Epsom salt water is helpful.  Try to give your feet a soak at least twice a week for optimum results.


Using a loofah or pumice stone, exfoliate your feet nearly every day, and especially after a good soak.  This will help prevent calluses and corns from building up and will keep your feet healthy and happy.  Be forewarned though – if your ticklish on your toes, this one may just make you smile a little too and that’s always good for looking your best!


Using an all natural foot creme, oils as mentioned above, or even your normal moisturizer every day on your feet is also another must.  Your feet will become cracked and even painfully dry and flakey if not, especially as you age.

As long as you follow these No Bull beauty tips your feet will look amazing for years; and all with the help of totally natural, non toxic ingredients!  After all, your feet would never let you down – so be sure to give them the proper thanks and treat them well with proper, totally natural, No Bull foot care!


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