Toxic Perfumes Make No Good Scents

Few people realize something that smells sweet could actually be a harmful toxin. Your designer fragrance might be more intoxicating than you ever imagined. Some of the crap contained in fragrances should never hit your skin. 

An endorsement from your favorite celebrity is not a reason to wear a certain fragrance. The WebMD blog revealed a report by the President’s Cancer Panel found many fragrances contained elements that disrupted your hormones. It sound like stinky stuff to us! 

It gets even more disturbing. According to a study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, there are fourteen secret chemicals that are not listed on your product labels. Companies are allowed to claim these potentially toxic fragrances as trade secrets. We think hiding the truth stinks! 

Ten of the chemicals are associated with wheezing, asthma, dermatitis and headaches Four chemicals disrupt hormones and are linked to health effects such as thyroid disruption, cancer and sperm damage. Very scary doo doo out there, eh?

A large number of the chemicals permitted in perfumes and skin care products are chemicals that were never assessed for safety by any agency accountable to the public. Many people are upset the laws do not provide for full disclosure of cosmetic ingredients. How can you possibly avoid this toxic crap? 

Be careful about what you put on your skin. It is the largest organ and absorbs these toxins into your system. Choose non-toxic beauty items and natural skin care products that are clearly labeled. Opt for synthetic fragrance-free natural or organic skin products. Use natural essential oils rather than commercial fragrances that could contain a cocktail of toxins you don’t want to harm yourself, pets or the environment with.  Flush THAT crap!



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