What the Frick Folliculitis! Annoying Arm Bumps and Natural Bump Busters!

Natural Beauty 7Afflicted with annoying red itchy bumps on your arms, legs or back?  There’s a good chance it’s folliculitis.  Read on to lean how to bust those annoying little bumps.

 What the Frick is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles, the tiny pits in the skin from which hair grows. Usually, the inflammation is due to infection with staphylococcus bacteria or a fungus.  Don’t stress about staph – it’s a normal inhabitant on our skin.  The trick is to keep it in balance.

Folliculitis can appear anywhere on your body that has hair.  It usually looks like a red pimple or rash with a hair at the center of each red spot.  There may be pus in the pimple, and it may burn or itch.  If broken open, pus and/or blood may drain from the spot. 

Eliminate the Source

Shaving, friction from clothing, excessive sweating or cuts can result in damaged hair follicles and then to a case of folliculitis.  The first line of defense when you have folliculitis is to eliminate the cause of your infection. 

If you recently enjoyed an evening in a hot tub, chances are that you have hot tub folliculitis, caused by unsanitary conditions in the hot tub.  Shaving cuts can also cause folliculitis, so stop shaving for a few days if you can stand it, and see how you do. 

Change your towels as often as your schedule and towel supply permit, and don’t share towels, especially those in public facilities.   Washing towels in hot water helps to prevent reinfection.  If you’re prone to folliculitis, tight clothing might not be for you, and if you’re sweat profusely, consider natural fabrics that are gentle to your skin and permit air circulation.

Additionally, persistent irritation from harsh personal care products can cause folliculitis to flare up.  If you haven’t already done so, toss those toxic potions in the trash!  Using all-natural beauty products made from carefully selected botanicals will keep your skin in optimal health.

So How Do I Get Rid of Folliculitis?

If you have a mild case of folliculitis, chances are that it will go away on its own.    If you’re experiencing itching or pain, try hot compresses to bring blood to the area and encourage healing.  

You can boost your immune system by eating a healthy balanced diet, so now may be the time to go vegan!  Consider foods that strengthen your immune system – we especially like those containing MSM for immune support.  Up your intake of broccoli, pepper, cabbage, sunflower seeds and garlic.   Coconut is another immune booster, so give it a try.  

Although clinical studies aren’t well documented at this point, there is some preliminary evidence that astragalus may have potential benefits for our immune system.  Oral zinc may also bring relief, as might Vitamin C.

Call a Doctor If…

Not all cases of folliculitis can be treated at home.   You may need medical attention if you’re experiencing swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, spreading or recurring folliculitis, a fever over 101 degrees, or the infected area becomes more painful.  Folliculitis can progress to cellulitis so it’s not something to ignore.  Your practitioner will need to determine whether the infection is bacterial or fungal and prescribe a course of treatment based on the diagnosis. 




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