Green Washing: Are You Getting What You Pay For Or A Bunch Of Bull?

green washing green paint brushGreen products used to be just a “hippy” thing.  No big corporations were producing truly natural or organic products because the mainstream wasn’t interested; not anymore!

A lot more people are looking for natural products; ones they can be sure are safe for both them and the environment.  This has become the trend in part because people are realizing how unnatural and even dangerous conventional products can be.

However, the large companies that make these products don’t necessarily want to change.  But, at the same time, they know they can’t deny consumer’s desires either.  The unfortunate solution – Green Washing.

Green Washing is a term used to describe a company’s attempts at masking the real ingredients/components of their product through advertising and even sometimes omitting items from their ingredient lists in order to make it look more Eco-friendly, all the while it’s still really a conventional, toxin filled item.

This philosophy has run rampant in the beauty industry in particular because there are no strict regulations on labeling personal care products.  Something can be labeled “Natural” and all the while not have even one natural ingredient in it.  Worse, they may actually include harmful ingredients.  For example, eyeshadow can and does contain Mercury and there are no requirements that it needs to show you in any way that the mercury is in there.  No warning, no mention on the ingredients list; nothing.  Ok, so perhaps the levels are so low they were reviewed and considered “safe” but consumers have the right to know about it, no?

That’s Just Total BS!

What Can You Do?  Here are a few strategies to help you find and use only truly natural beauty products and avoid the Green Washed chemical filled ones.

Educate Yourself

If a product claims it’s “Natural” or “Organic” you just never know.  The key is to get familiar with ingredients and their source, and make an informed decision.  Organic is not always “better”, you may be paying more for a 100% organic product “and” we have observed plenty of organics that use a chemical man made preservative, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?   Just because you purchase it at Whole Foods does not mean it is 100% natural or organic.

Ask For Recommendations From A Beauty Professional You Can Trust

If you work with or know a skin care or beauty professional, ask them about the brands they use and trust.  Many licensed beauty professionals know a lot about ingredients and product formulations, along with  the inside scoop on those companies to avoid – and those who are pioneering truly naturally effective skin care products.  If your professional can’t give a fast and informed question, consider finding another.

Demand Honest Labeling Of All Beauty Products

As a consumer, you can add your voice to the growing number of those who are demanding regulations that support the honest labeling of all personal care products.  The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics has a great page on what you can do to get started and Take Action for Safe Cosmetics and beauty products.

After all, as Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.  Without your support and involvement companies will be able to continue Green Washing.

But, if we all stand up and use our collective voice to say “NO – Green Washing is BS and we’re not buying it ANYMORE” things will change!









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