Laser Hair Cap is a Hairy Situation

Portable laser hair caps are being promoted as a solution for hair loss. We think the laser cap is a hairy situation with little information to back its lofty claims.

Dr. Alan Bauman told CBS News that low-level laser hair therapy (LLLT) is effective when used properly. That leaves room for error.

Doc Bauman also admits LLLT is no miracle cure for hair loss.

Confusing? Definitely. Reliable? Maybe or maybe not.

Dr. Andrew Weil proudly sports his bald head. If you’re not ready for a chrome dome, he offers a few suggestions.

  • Supplement your diet with essential omega-6 fatty acid (GLA) and black currant or evening primrose oil supplement.  Borage oil also contains GLA and is a nice option.
  • Use hair care products with tea tree oil and an antibacterial agent.
  • Natural skin and hair products with essential oils minimize hair loss and maximize beauty potential.
  • Minimize stress, stress can cause hair loss.

Remember, not all hair loss causes are the same, therefore the remedy may vary as well.  Many factors can contribute to hair loss such as weight loss, thyroid imbalances, poor diet, genetic predisposition and stress.  We believe this is why there is no guarantee one remedy will treat “all” hair loss.

We are making headway it appears (get it) in ingredient and treatment technology however, and some new ingredients are popping up with mega claims of treating hair loss.  We will report back if we find any great success stories, so far it appears to be dependent on the cause of hair loss, and that is hard to assess in many cases.

We recommend you seek medical attention to make sure an underlying illness is not  contributing to your hair loss.

Confusing Caca  Laser caps might work for some, but we think they’re confusing caca!

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