PH Balancing: Bull or Good Crap? Revealed Here!

It is no secret that consuming a blend of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins, along with drinking the right amount of water,  is beneficial for clear and vibrant skin.  However, there are additional things that are said to retain youthful skin!

Let’s learn more: 

Keeping skin as alkaline as possible may be a good thing!  This is termed as “PH Balancing”.

Is PH Balancing Bull?

Yep, we have seen and heard about it for years but what the HECK is pH Balancing and why do products claim to offer this?  The letters “pH” stand for potential hydrogen, as hydrogen is the element that controls the levels of either alkalinity or acidity in your beauty products! Too much acidity or alkalinity is irritating for the skin, so the pH should always be calibrated “just” right.  But is it always?  Well, many harsh cleansers pH run a bit high which can be irritating to the skin.  Ever feel that tight feeling after you cleanse?  Often that is a result of a high pH level.  That is why many manufacturers sell toners, to “re-establish” the pH of the skin.  Hmmm, that seems like some serious BS to use IF we can avoid it in the first place.  A toner should really impart moisture, and contain other ingredients to effect the overall radiance, not compensate for a harsh cleanser, no?   Then the acidic products, peels and more tend to have a low pH, hence the flaking/peeling that may occur as a result.  Is that a bad thing?  Guess not if you like the end result! But do make sure your products do not strip, tighten, or cause redness or flaking and peeling as inflammation can lead to accelerated aging.  No bs!

Well let’s learn more about this pH stuff as it related so health.

This holistic approach known as pH balancing is based on the belief that the we can  create a more environment for our body, skin and overally health should we maintain a pH balance  (alkaline to acid ratio) in the body. But how to do this?  Well the optimal pH balance would be a diet of two-thirds alkaline and one-third acid-forming foods.

Alkaline Foods: you would ideally add more of these goodies, that offer offer water content and nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes.
Raw green, leafy bright colored fruits and veggies such as spinach, chard, kale and avocados. Also celery, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and good ole’ broccoli are fantastic healthy alkaline foods.

Acidic foods:  as beauty specialists, our holistic approach is to suggest minimimizing white flour, red meat, processed food, coffee, too much alcohol and artificial sweeteners. These create a lot of acidity in the body. Too much acidity triggers rosacea, acne, cystic blemishes and those annoying wrinkles! All of these conditions may be greatly improved by a diet that contains alkaline-rich foods.

Obviously, exercise and relaxation are also essential and of course drinking the right amount of water.  However, with some of the healthy alkaline foods mentioned, you are already increasing your water intake.  Ex: celery, watermelons and cucumbers contain water just to name a few!  A healthy way to start and end each day, would be to have a glass of room temperature water or slightly warm with some fresh lemon juice!

pH is no bull, inside and out!

If that isn’t some good poop, what is?

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