Can Sleeping In Your Makeup Age You? By As Much As 10 Years?

natural salicylic acidStudies have shown that sleeping in makeup can fast track aging.  In one experiment, a woman slept with her makeup on for one full month.  The before and after analysis of her skin determined that she accelerated aging by an estimated TEN full years!  In addition, her skin appeared more blotchy, inflamed and irritated.  The makeup also exacerbated redness and appeared to contribute to rosacea, a hard to treat skin condition characterized by redness, broken capillaries and not-so-fun acne and swelling! 

So how can sleeping in makeup age you?

Pore Clogging Crap

It is well known that many cosmetics contain pore-clogging ingredients. When ingredients clog pores, the skin, a living breathing organ is somewhat suffocated if you will and unable to function optimally. Cleansing the skin gently to dissolve these ingredients and following with a quality non-toxic moisturizer will assist the skin in cellular regeneration at night, as nighttime is when the skin cells regenerate. Try to avoid dimethicone and other silicones in your makeup and try to wear less.

Environmental Aggravators

Environmental pollutants like pollution and free radicals can “stick” to makeup and that means they stick around longer, permeating the skin and contributing to collagen breakdown.  Collagen is the supportive protein that makes our skin youthful and firm so we certainly don’t want to compromise the integrity of this essential substance. Again, cleanse your skin gently to remove all toxins.


It is no secret that inflammation ages you, so anything you can apply in the evening to reduce inflammation by way of calming and soothing ingredients for both the eyes and face will assist in prevention of aging. Consider ingredients like gotu kola, licorice root, orange blossom and rose to soothe the skin and nourish it before bed.

Sure, all of us have slept with makeup on from time to time. On occasion, there is little to worry about.  If this occurs, just pamper your skin a bit more then the norm the following day and try to break yourself of the habit.  Also, if you “have” to wear makeup, consider mineral makeup that is free of bismuth oxychloride, parabens and other toxic ingredients. And remember, less is more!

Try to go makeup free as often as you can to give your skin a breather.  Trust me, your skin will thank you! 🙂

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