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What the Frick’ Is In My Lipstick??

Turn on your TV or open a fashion magazine, and chances are that one of the first ads you’ll see is a gorgeous young model with fabulous pouty red lips.  We want those!  We know you do too, so let’s take a look at what’s on those pouty lips. Lead-ing Me On Most consumers are shocked to find that the majority of lipstick brands, drug store and department store alike, contain lead.  The FDA has even released a detailed report…
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Can Sleeping In Your Makeup Age You? By As Much As 10 Years?

natural salicylic acid Studies have shown that sleeping in makeup can fast track aging.  In one experiment, a woman slept with her makeup on for one full month.  The before and after analysis of her skin determined that she accelerated aging by an estimated TEN full years!  In addition, her skin appeared more blotchy, inflamed and irritated.  The makeup also exacerbated redness and appeared to contribute to rosacea, a hard to treat skin condition characterized by redness, broken capillaries and not-so-fun acne and…
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Is it Time to Toss Your Makeup? The Lowdown on Bacteria and Poop in Cosmetics

Is your favorite cosmetic item ready to do more harm than good? Knowing when to toss your makeup prevents skin irritation and other crap from occurring. Sometimes it is hard to let go of a product that may no longer be available. Look at it as a golden opportunity to try something new that might be even better. If cosmetics have a bad odor, odd color or change consistency, it’s time to toss them. But sometimes this doesn’t happen and…
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