How Yoga and Pilates Improve Your Skin and Beauty

We all realize fitness activities are a good thing for our bodies. But exercise such as yoga and pilates take it a step further. They improve your skin and overall beauty along with your state of mind. Since our stress level is often high, this is some good crap to unwind and reap the benefits from!

Yoga maximizes your flexibility to help avoid strains and pains. WebMD reports doing yoga also improves circulation and helps to minimize stress. Certain postures, called “asanas,” bring blood to your face, which can reduce the risk of wrinkling. Stress and lack of blood take their toll in your skin and make it look older. What excellent anti-aging crap!

The latest buzz is about hot yoga. This uses similar position as hatha yoga in a hot and sweaty situation. The room is actually heated up to help your muscles stretch better. It also encourages you to workup a sweat to flush toxins out of your body naturally. We know toxins are bad for our skin. Hot yoga MAY be a great way to rid of them, but please make sure you don’t get dehydrated as that can be counter productive for the skin, no bull!
Hydrate often!

Pilates is another form of exercise to benefit your skin, beauty and perspective along with your body. According to WebMD, pilates movements are meant to strengthen you from the core. They build strength and flexibility while improving your posture. Having a straight back and flatter tummy is definitely a beauty boost.

Can’t decide which one to try first? You’re not alone. Now there are classes in “yogalates” a combination of both yoga and pilates. Double your benefits and double your beauty potential. Some super poop for you to consider and it may just make you more regular too!

Wear breathable clothing and use organic skin care products before and after you attend classes. You will need to be able to move freely and perspire. Tight clothes restrict your movement and ability to sweat. Chemical skin care products contain toxins that don’t allow your skin to breathe. Slip into comfy workout gear, slick on a natural moisturizer and get ready to look and feel better!

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