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Argan Oil For Summer Frizz, Dry Skin and Women’s Rights

Argan Nut Oil for Skin Care Summer means spending time at the beach, in the pool and under the sun. All this exposure can lead to frizzy hair, dryness and skin irritation.  Argan oil is a one-stop shop to smooth away summer frizz and ease skin problems. Everything you need to look great is in one carefree bottle.  Assuming it’s truly argan oil, with no icky additives.  Mmmhmmmm.   Argan oil is made from the nuts of argan trees, which grow almost exclusively in exotic Morocco. …
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Moroccan Argan Nut Oil – Not Always Super Duper, but when it is….it’s Super Good!

It sounds exotic and everyone is talking about it, from salon experts to soccer moms. Is Moroccan argan oil really a miracle treatment for hair, skin and body? Or is the hype just another fad people can’t wait to brag about? What is Moroccan Argan Oil, Anyway? As the name implies, argan oil comes from Morocco. It is one of the rarest essential oils in the world. The nuts of the argan tree are crushed to extract their precious oil.…
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