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Why You Should Toy With Carotenoids – For Beauty Benefits Galore

Carotenoids Ever look at the produce isle in your supermarket and notice how rich and colorful it looks?   What you’re seeing is carotenoids at work.  These health essentials will also give you super-gorgeous skin, adding natural color and even fighting premature aging.  They’re also great for you, and turbo-charge your defenses against inflammation, infection and even cancer.   The Glow Au Naturel! We can’t produce carotenoids, but thankfully our skin is especially effective at storing them, so a healthy intake is important. …
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Odor Fighting Foods for Less Funk, During Any Activity

Body odor is a common issue for so many people, and during extreme activities, hardcore workouts, or just a warm day, you can plan on some funky odors. But there are ways to reduce the potency, and pungent smell associated with your body odor. Rely on natures goodness and avoid toxic talc and aluminum filled body products! Simple dietary changes can make a huge difference, because really, whatever you put in your body will at some point need to come…
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Are GMOs Sneaking Under Your Skin?

The hot topic of the day is eating foods that are actually genetically monitored organisms. Many people don’t want to put foods into their body that have be significantly altered. While we are aware these foods exist, could you be putting genetically monitored organisms on your skin too? Sounds like mad science!  Referred to as GMOs, CSA states these plants are created for use by humans or animals by using molecular biology techniques. They are not plants in their natural…
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Is Greenwashing Another Term for Hogwash?

With greenwashing running rampant, we like to call out bull when we spot it.  Sometimes it hides behind flowery terms but we can smell the crap a mile away.  In the corporate world, they refer to this marketing tactic as whitewashing.  Here, we refer to greenwashing as hogwash. Greenwashing refers to corporations that attempt to go green by changing their labels, packaging and marketing.  They realize consumers are concerned about their health and the environment.  Their goal is to improve…
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Tricky Triclosan, Hidden Pesticide in Your Beauty Products?

Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agents are good crap, aren’t they? Though they might sound beneficial, these beauty products could be hiding something we refer to as tricky triclosan. Few people imagine something that sounds good for them could be bad. This is the situation with beauty products containing triclosan. The aromatic compound is represented by both ethers and phenols. Sounds like confusing crap eh?  No doubt…. Triclosan is used in pesticides, insulation and mattresses to slow the growth of mildew,…
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Aromatherapy for Mood and Skin – Pure Poopy or Real Deal?

There’s a lot of discussion about the healing attributes of aromatherapy. Many holistic and natural practitioners are revering the use of certain scents to relieve a variety of ailments. It leaves many of us wondering about using aromatherapy for mood, skin and other conditions -is it pure poopy or the real deal? According to the Mayo Clinic, there therapeutic use of essential oils from plants is called aromatherapy. Currently limited research is available regarding the effectiveness of aromatherapy. Some studies…
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Top Ten Toxic Turds in Cosmetics

Cosmetics might look colorful and smell wonderful but could be hiding one or more of the top ten toxic turds! Looks are deceiving and you need to read the ingredients to unearth the scary truth. The largest organ we have is skin. Research indicates more than half of what we put on our skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. We don’t want to soak up crap into our systems! Frankly, none of us want to put anything that goes…
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Are There Poopy Ingredients in your Beauty Products?

Unless you use non-toxic and organic cosmetics, it is likely there are poopy ingredients in your beauty products. Even natural and organic cosmetics “may” contain harmful elements. The harsh reality is The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed cosmetics are one of the least regulated products sold for human use. Reading the ingredients in your cosmetics is essential to keep crap off your skin and out of your system. Fragrances are confusing crap because they are simple referred to as “fragrance”…
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Does Diet Affect the Skin? Get the Skinny Here!

There are many conflicting reports about whether diet affects the skin and it all becomes confusing crap. The bottom line is we all know diet is important to maintain healthy organs and body functions. Since the skin is the largest body organ of all, it makes sense to link our diet with our skin.  Certain foods such as dairy and hormone fed cattle promote inflammation and aggravate acne for sure. Genetically modified (GMO’s) can certainly contribute to a variety of…
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Little Things Mean a Lot When It Comes to Acne and Rosacea

From holistic practitioners to dermatologists, professionals are discovering small steps mean a lot when it comes to caring for skin with acne or rosacea.  In the past, people turned to internal medications and topical medicines. Often they would dry out the skin and have other minor side effects. This seemed like confusing caca since you are, in essence, exchanging one problem for another. As a result, we would flush them and move on to more non toxic beauty solutions.  Natural…
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