Thin to Thick Hair? Too Good to Be Poo?

Is thin to thick hair really possible and are there really products available that are too good to be poo?  There are a variety of self-proclaimed miracle cures on the market that claim to turn thinning hair into a thicker mane. 

We have clients who are not willing to buy some of these products because of the hefty price tags. Other clients have tried them but discovered they must use them for life to maintain the results “if” they work. This sounds like a big load of crap at some of the price tags should they NOT work.

Hair loss can be caused by thyroid problems or autoimmune disease. Web MD recommends a blood test to find out if either of these conditions is the culprit. Hormones, genes and dermatitis may also play a role in hair loss. It is hard to know if products such as Revitahair and others work unless you try them.  So we did put them to the test.

Minoxidil is sold under the brand name Rogaine and stand as the leaders in proven efficacy. We wonder what that really means and believe it is confusing caca. Further, Medicine Net lists potential side effects of using minoxidil include skin irritation, contact dermatitis, dry or flaking scalp and increased side effects for people with damaged skin. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or for people using other topical medications. Overall, we would flush this one. 

Other hair thickening techniques sound super poopy or goopy. Laser combs and caps are extremely pricey with no sound science to backup their claims. There is also no hard data to support plasma rich protein injections. We are unimpressed and inclined to flush these techniques, too.  

If you suffer from thin or sparse hair, consider your options before making a decision!
Don’t expose yourself to pricey products that are too good to be poo!  🙂


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