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Three DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipes

Just what’s behind those pearly whites of yours?  It turns out that most commercially available toothpastes are hiding a host of nasty ingredients.  To polish your teeth the crap-free way, try out these DIY natural toothpaste recipes. What’s Wrong with My Current Toothpaste? Your current toothpaste might smell fresh, but chances are that some not-so-fresh ingredients are lurking.  Many toothpastes include parabens, paraffin, sulfates, artificial dyes and triclosan.  These nasty chemicals have many health risks including endocrine disorders, hormonal dysfunction,…
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How Now Brown Cacao: Feed Your Inner Chocoholic!

Cacao For Radiant Skin Health If you’re like most people, you love good chocolate, but you have a guilty twinge when you indulge.  Good news!  Chocolate doesn’t have to be a vice!  In fact, raw cacao has abundant benefits when you use it topically or incorporate it into your diet. In this way, chocolate can in fact make you more beautiful inside and out. Antioxidants Pack a Powerful Punch Raw cacao, or unprocessed chocolate is packed with antioxidants.  These powerful compounds quench free radicals, which…
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Aloe Vera Done Right

Aloe Vera The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in it.  The Mesopotamians recorded its use as a healing plant in 2100 bce.  The Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality,” and presented it as a gift to deceased pharaohs.  What is it?  The humble aloe vera, a succulent plant that so many of us today use on cuts and burns.  However, there’s far more to aloe vera’s its story than just a burn gel.  So What Can Aloe Vera Do for My…
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DIY Winter Skincare Tips

winter Remember when you were a kid and played outdoors or made snowmen for countless hours? Our faces were red, our skin was scaly, and our toes burnt, but we had great fun!  You may not be playing outdoors for hours now, but you still expose your skin to the cold and wind.  Even indoors, your skin is bombarded by dry air, overheated rooms and pollution.  Today, we’re going to talk about what you can do to help your skin combat…
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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Your Invitation to Miraculous Relationships

Meditation Challenge - Chopra Meditation is a practice that helps the body discover it’s own inner intelligence. Join our team while we participate in the 21 day Meditation with people around the world.  This is a powerful opportunity to create balance in your life and free yourself of worry and stress while learning techniques to feel whole and create successful relationships. For thousands of years, meditation has been used to find silence that exists to make the pure potential that is already there a…
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How Yoga and Pilates Improve Your Skin and Beauty

We all realize fitness activities are a good thing for our bodies. But exercise such as yoga and pilates take it a step further. They improve your skin and overall beauty along with your state of mind. Since our stress level is often high, this is some good crap to unwind and reap the benefits from! Yoga maximizes your flexibility to help avoid strains and pains. WebMD reports doing yoga also improves circulation and helps to minimize stress. Certain postures,…
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